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How I'm Building and Test Flying a Cozy MKIV
(My Second Homebuilt Plane)

So. The Instruction manual and plans have chapters, and the first chapter in which you build part of the plane is Chapter 4. I'll organize this by chapter, starting with Chapter 4, but first I'll show you the spacious quarters (my basement) in which I started building this plane, and the tools and implements I've accumulated to do so.  Around about Chapter 21, I moved to a new house with a 2 car garage.

Log Book: Workshop, Tools, Preliminary Information:
Builder's Log Book Updated Daily at Home, Monthly On-Line
Chapters 1,2,3 Description and Info, B.O.M., Education

(Least Aerodynamically Important First)

(Very Aerodynamically Important, But Relatively Small)
Chapter 4 Building the Fuselage Bulkheads
Chapter 5 Building the Fuselage Sides
Chapter 6 Assembling the Fuselage
Chapter 7 Fuselage Exterior
Chapter 8 Headrests and Seatbelts
Chapter 9 Landing Gear and Landing Brake
Chapter 10 Building the Canard
Chapter 11 Building the Elevators
Chapter 12 Canard Installation

Nosegear: (Back to the Fuselage)

Miscellaneous Fuselage Structures:
Chapter 13 Nose, Nosegear and Rudder/Brake Pedals
Chapter 14 Building the Center Section Spar
Chapter 15 Building the Firewall
Chapter 16 Installing the Control System
Chapter 17 Installing the Trim System
Chapter 18 Installing the Canopy and Turtleback

The Wings: (The Big Stuff)

More Miscellaneous Stuff:
Chapter 19 Building the Wings, Ailerons, and Wing Attach
Chapter 20 Building the Winglets and Rudders
Chapter 21 Building the Strakes, Fuel Tanks, and Baggage Space
Chapter 22 Installing the Electrical System
Chapter 23 Installing the Engine
Chapter 24 Installing Covers and Fairings
Chapter 25 Finishing (Painting, etc.)
Chapter 26 Installing the Upholstery
Retractable Step Retractable Step Info


Flight Testing:

Test Number:

Flight Time:

Test Protocols:

Flight Test Prep Flight Test Preparation ---


First / Second Flight Controls / Slow Flight 1.3 hrs Protocol 1 /2
Third Flight Engine Measurements (temperatures, pressures) 1.0 hrs Protocol 3
Fourth Flight Gear Retract Tests 1.1 hrs Protocol 4
Fifth Flight Climb Tests 1.2 hrs Protocol 5
Sixth Flight Was Descent Tests - now first cross country 1.9 hrs Protocol 6
Seventh Flight Airspeed Calibration (combined with flight #4) Protocol 7
Eighth Flight First Climb Test(s) 2.6 hrs Protocol 8
Ninth Flight First Accelerated Stall Tests .8 hrs Protocol 9
Tenth Flight(s) Climb / Accelerated Stall 2.8 hrs Protocol 10
Eleventh Flight Cross Country - GPS Coupler Tests 1.0 hrs Protocol 11
Flight(s) 12 Climb / Accelerated Stall 2.6 hrs See Protocol 10
Flight(s) 13 Climb / Accelerated Stall 2.0 hrs See Protocol 10
Flight(s) 14 Climb / Accelerated Stall 1.1 hrs See Protocol 10
Flight(s) 15 Climb / Accelerated Stall 1.5 hrs See Protocol 10
Flight 16 Cross Country / Stability / Flutter 1.9 hrs N/A
Flight 17 Accelerated Stall / Static Stability Test 0.9 hrs N/A
Flight 18 Stability Tests / Flutter Tests 1.2 hrs N/A
Flight 19 Oil Temperature Test 0.6 hrs N/A
Flight 20 Accelerated Stall / Cross Country 1.7 hrs See second half of Protocol 10
Flight(s) 21 Climb / Accelerated Stall / Stability / Flutter / Cross Country 3.3 hrs See Protocol 10
Flight 22 Shorter Runways 0.9 hrs N/A
Flight 23 Cross Country 2.1 hrs N/A
Flight 24 Cross Country / Shorter Runways 2.6 hrs N/A
Flight 25 Cross Country 1.1 hrs N/A
Flight 26 Cross Country / Short & Crappier Runways 1.2 hrs N/A
Flight 27 Cross Country / Shorter Runways 1.9 hrs N/A

Total: 40.3 hrs

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