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Cozy MKIV - Tenth Flight Test Protocol

Tenth Flight Plan - Climb / Accelerated Stalls:

Takeoff: Standard
Level: 1200 ft.
Throttle: 2000 RPM or to 120 mph
Radio: Fitchburg traffic, Experimental N83M(ike)Z(ulu) maneuvering west of Fitchburg

This table is representative of the data collection for ALL climb tests.  "PA1" and "PA2" are the pressure altitude limits (Kollsman window set to 29.92 in. Hg) for each climb block - the "Diff" is 1000 ft. for each.  "Mid" is the mid-point altitude, at which the "OAT" (in deg. F) is taken.  The "DA" is the density altitude of the midpoint, based on the "OAT".   "Vt" is the True Airspeed, based on the "DA" and the indicated Airspeed, "Vi".  The "Time" is the measured time (in seconds) to climb from "PA1" to "PA2", and "ROC" is the calculated Rate of Climb based on that time.   The "FPA" is the flight path angle (in degrees) for that altitude block.

The only two measured columns are the "OAT" and the "Time" - the rest are either defined or calculated.  "Time" is measured on the way up, and "OAT" is measured on the way down at the midpoint altitude.  I stabilize at this altitude for one minute before taking the measurement.


80 mph Start Weight 1640 lb. End Weight 1625 lbs.
PA1 PA2 Diff Mid OAT DA Vt Time ROC FPA Remarks
1500 2500 1000 2000 53.5 2123 83 46 1304 10.2
3000 4000 1000 3500 57.1 4203 87 47 1277 9.6
4500 5500 1000 5000 55.2 5923 89 52 1154 8.4
6000 7000 1000 6500 54 7685 92 57 1053 7.4
7500 8500 1000 8000 50.4 9294 95 64 938 6.4

I generate a table like this for airspeeds from 80 mph to 130 mph, at weights and CG's as defined in Tenth Flight Test.

It usually takes two or three flights to run through the six indicated speeds at each CG/Weight level.  On the first flight at each level, I stabilize at 3500 ft. pressure altitude on the way down and perform stall/accelerated stall tests.  This table is representative of the data collected.

Bank Angle (degrees) Airspeed (mph)
0 64
15 66
30 74
45 80
60 85

All Climb/Stall data will be reduced and graphed after the flights are complete.

Throttle: 2000 RPM - descend to pattern altitude
Land: Per checklist

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