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Cozy MKIV - Chapter 13

Building the Nose, Nose Gear, and Rudder/Brake Pedals

Start Date: January 27, 1996

After biting the bullet and finding a cash infusion of approximately $2000 I began working on the nose chapter. I purchased almost all the standard Brock parts, got the nose strut from AeroCad and the rest of the stuff from Wicks. I had picked up the "laydown" master brake cylinders from Infinity (MATCO) in Chapter 9, and will be using the AeroCad Rudder Pedals.

  1. Nose Gear Box (NGB) Construction
  2. NGB --> Fuselage Attachment & Nose Bottom
  3. Nose Cone / Landing Lights / Pitot-Static Tube(s)
  4. Nose Sides, Top and Exterior
  5. Rudder Pedals/Master Cylinders
  6. Nose Top Assembly

End Date: June 21, 1996


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