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Cozy MKIV - Fourth Flight Test Protocol

Fourth Flight Plan - Gear Retraction Test:

GPS: Set to FIT area - 12 mile range
Radio: Fitchburg traffic, Experimental N83M(ike)Z(ulu) departing runway 32 to the west - Fitchburg.
Throttle: Full - Check for 2300 - 2400 RPM static
Accellerate: To 75 - 80 mph and rotate
Climb: 100 mph straight out to 1000 ft.
Check: CHT / Oil Pressure
Climb: Climb checklist - 100 mph gentle turn to west area to 4500 ft.
Level: 4500 ft.
Throttle: 120 mph
Radio: Fitchburg traffic, Experimental N83M(ike)Z(ulu) maneuvering at 4500 ft. 3 miles west Fitchburg
Gear: Retract
Trim: Note any required pitch/roll trim changes

Cycle 3 times – leave down

Throttle: Slow to 90 mph – trim to straight and level
Throttle: Full power
Climb: 100 mph
Gear: Retract – note pitch/roll changes; effect on stick of rotating lever

Repeat 3 times


Throttle: 1500 RPM - descend to pattern altitude
Approach: Use landing checklist - maintain 100 mph downwind / base, 90 mph final, extend landing brake on final, touch down 70 - 75 mph.

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