Other Reference Information

Useful Aircraft Circulars:

All available at the FAA website using "Quick Find", or directly at Advisory Circulars


Other Useful FAA Documents for Homebuilders:

Available at the "Amateur-Built Aircraft Regulations and Policies" web page

AC20-27F Certification and Operation of Amateur-Built Aircraft   8050-88 Affidavit of Ownership for Amateur-Built Aircraft
AC43-13B Acceptable Methods, Techniques, and Practices - Aircraft Inspection and Repair   8130-6 Application for U.S. Airworthiness Certificate
AC45-2A Identification and Registration Markings   8130-12 Eligibility Statement: Amateur-Built Aircraft
AC65-23A Certification of Repairmen (Experimental Aircraft Builders)        
AC90-89B Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook        
AC90-109 Airmen Transition to Experimental or Unfamiliar Airplanes        
AC20-42C Hand Fire Extinguishers for Use in Aircraft        


Epoxy Info and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS's):



  Gary Hunter's Epoxy Comparison Table as of 6/2006     Other Newsletters
  MGS Epoxy L335 Material Properties and Information     Long-EZE Plans Changes (HTML/Excel)
(Thanks Marc Borom and others)
  MGS Epoxy L285 Material Properties and Information     COBA / CSA Newsletter Index of Articles -as of March 23th, 2024 - zipped (Thanks Michael Beasley)
  EZ10/83/84/87 Material Properties and Information     RST Antenna Publication 82704 - Antennalets
(Thanks Jim/Gail Weir)
  MGS L335 Resin MSDS     AeroElectric Connection - Bob Nuckolls

MGS L285 Resin MSDS

  MGS LH285 Hardener MSDS        

MGS LH287 Hardener MSDS

Aerodynamic Info:

  MGS LH335 Hardener MSDS     GU vs. Roncz Canard Airfoil Comparison - Todd Parker

MGS LH340 Hardener MSDS

Landing Brake Actuator Analysis - CSA Article - Ron Springer
  Aeropoxy PH3660 MSDS        
  Aeropoxy PH3665 MSDS        
  Aeropoxy PR2032 MSDS  


  Pro Set 125 MSDS     Internal Rudder Belhorn Installation - RAF
  Pro Set 229 MSDS     Strong Pitch Trim Instructions
  Pro Set 226 MSDS        
  West Systems 209 MSDS        
  EZ10 MSDS        

EZ83, EZ84, EZ87 MSDS

Epolite 2315-17 MSDS

  Epolite 2410 MSDS        
  More MSDS's        


COZY Reference Info:


Magazine Indices (Compiled by Thomas Decker, with help from Fred Mahan and Owen Strawn):

I do NOT actually have the articles - these are ONLY indices.  You will have to contact the EAA or Kitplanes to get back issues or reprints of articles.

  COZY MKIV Chapter Build Times (send in YOUR data!)     EAA Sport Aviation - 1950's
  COZY MKIV Part Weights (Send in YOUR data!)     EAA Sport Aviation - 1960's
          EAA Sport Aviation - 1970's

COZY Material Suppliers:

    EAA Sport Aviation - 1980's
  COZY Authorized Suppliers     EAA Sport Aviation - 1990's 
  NON-Authorized Suppliers     EAA Experimenter 


  Bahamas - Experimental Aircraft Info for Visitors (Thanks to Steve Wright for finding this)        


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