COZY MKIV Performance Graphs

Here's a relevant cartoon, adapted by Nick Ugolini, without permission from the creator. Click on it to see (and be able to read) the full size version.

just a calvin/hobbes cartoon

These graphs are GIF images. I scanned them directly out of the cozy owner's manual.
Takeoff - (~14 kb) Cruise - (~10 kb)

Speed - (~10 kb)

Glide - (~10 kb)
Climb - (~10 kb) Range - (~15 kb) Landing - (~10 kb)


V-n Diagrams for COZY MKIV

Nat Puffer states that the COZY MKIV should be considered as a "Normal" category aircraft. This means that the positive "G" limit is 3.8 g's, and the negative "G" limit is -1.52 g's.

All of these V-n Diagrams have the assumption of a Lift Curve Slope of 5.5/rad for the main wing (which I pulled out of you know where). Although this mostly effects the gust limits and curves, which is not something we usually pay a lot of attention to, if someone has a better number for it, please let me know.


Sea Level 12,500 ft.
Gross Weight - 2050 lb
Gross Weight - 1500 lb

The graph below indicate the performance envelope if the COZY were to be considered a "Utility" category aircraft, in which the structural limits are 4.4 g's and -1.76 g's, respectively.  This is shown only for the 2050 lb. case at SL.  This is NOT an indication that the aircraft should be treated as if it were a Utility aircraft - this is just for comparison purposes.

Gross Weight
 - 2050 lb

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