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Western Trip Plan
Summer - 2004

 Here's a map with the full proposed itinerary, just to give an overview of the whole trip.

I created this overview map using (need a membership, but it's free with EAA membership).  Aeroplanner is GREAT, if a little slow.

I created the individual maps on the linked pages using AOPA's "Real Time Flight Planner" (need a membership in AOPA to use).  This has the potential to be a nice tool, but you can only store five routes at the moment, and it's pretty damn buggy.

Plans For Each Day
(Click on "Proposed Route" or "Actual Route" links for day maps and more detailed descriptions of each day's travails):


Proposed Route

Proposed Itinerary

Actual Route

Actual Itinerary

1 FIT - OKV - RUQ Leave Fitchburg, MA, and pull into Concord Regional, NC after passing around the Washington ADIZ None Wait for weather to clear

2 RUQ - LNP - CSV - 1H0 Out of Concord to Wise, VA, to Crossville, TN, to St. Louis, MO None Wait for weather to clear
3 1H0 - GPH - 00V Out of St. Louis, visit Clay County Regional, MO, to Meadow Lake, CO None Wait for weather to clear
4 00V - AXX - SKX From Meadow Lake, CO down to Angel Fire, NM (sightseeing) and Taos, NM FIT-BCB Wait for weather 3 days - leave Fitchburg and Get stuck in Blacksburg, VA with equipment failure
5 SKX - DRO - FRM - PGA - GCN - SEZ - CHD From Taos, NM - sightseeing day through NM, UT, and AZ, ending up in Chandler, AZ.  Rides in Durango, CO and Farmington, NM for COZY builders BCB - CSV Fix the plane with Jim Sower and fly to Crossville, TN and break the plane on landing
6 CHD - L06 - MHV - PMD - CCB From Chandler, AZ - another sightseeing day (or torture, depending upon your point of view) ending up at Cable Airport in Upland, CA, somewhere in the L.A. area None - stuck in Crossville Evaluate damage, plan repairs
7 CCB - AJO - LGB - HAF - O69 Leaving L.A., sightseeing at Half Moon Bay, CA, and up to Petaluma, CA None - stuck in Crossville Begin repairs
8 O69 - CEC - MMV - SPB Out of Petaluma, CA, sightseeing up through northern CA and Oregon, past Crater Lake, and McMinnville, OR to Scappoose, OR None - stuck in Crossville Continue Repairs
9 SPB - FHR - PAE From Scappoose, OR up past Mt. St. Helens, to Friday Harbor, WA and then down to Everett, WA CSV - 1H0 Test Flight - Then Crossville to St. Louis, MO
10 PAE - EAT - CYBW Leave Everett, WA, to Wenatchee, WA, and onward to Calgary, AB, Canada None, stuck in St. Louis Magneto timing repair / micro switch fix in St. Louis with the COZYGIRRLS
11 CYBW - CTB - WYS From Calgary, AB, Canada, through customs at Cut Bank, MT, to camp at West Yellowstone, MT 1H0 - 00V Flight from St. Louis to Colorado - nonstop
12 WYS - JAC - AFO - PNA - GCC - GXY Out of West Yellowstone, MT, through Jackson Hole, WY, to Afton, WY, to Pinedale, WY, to Gillette, WY for more sightseeing at Devil's tower, Mt. Rushmore, and Crazy Horse Monument, heading down to Greeley, CO None - weathered into Meadowlake Meadowlake to Greeley - short flight
13 GXY - 20V - GXY Day trip to Kremmling, CO None - drove to Greeley for BBQ BBQ moved to Greeley for weather/Density Altitude reasons
14 GXY - PRO - ALO Leave Greeley, CO to Waterloo, IA 00V - GXY - ALO To Greeley early, then onward to Waterloo
15 ALO - MSN - OSH From Waterloo, IA past Madison, WI to Oshkosh, WI ALO-OSH Four plane formation from Waterloo to Oshkosh
O1 LOCAL Check ride for Robert Peplinski LOCAL As planned!
  O2 LOCAL Rides for Michael Joyce, Yair Gil, Dave and Tanya Barr LOCAL As planned!
O3 LOCAL Rides for Steve Campbell, Mark Knaebe; Give COZY Forum LOCAL One ride, not two, and give the COZY Forum
O4 LOCAL Rides for Richard Craig, Richard Wright and wife LOCAL No rides - crappy weather; good COZY cookout and COZY dinner
16 OSH - DLZ Out of Oshkosh, WI to Oakland/Troy, MI OSH - 7D2 Almost as planned - Oshkosh to Detroit area with Eric Ruttan
17 DLZ - 1G3 - FIT Leave Oakland/Troy, MI to Caldwell, NJ 7D2 - TZR - VTA - CDW Detroit to Bolton, OH for visit - on to Caldwell, NJ to visit parents
18 There Was No Plan Leave Caldwell, NJ, home to Fitchburg, MA CDW - FIT Short flight home from NJ to MA

And here's the map of the actual route as flown:

Note the differences :-).

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