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2004 Western Trip - Day 2

What I Planned:

Date: On or about July 13, 2004

The next day gets me from Rowan County Airport, NC (KRUQ) to Wise, VA (KLNP) for a short visit with Andrew Anunson, a COZY MKIV builder, then on to Crossville, TN (KCSV) to visit with Jim Sower (Flying L.E., Flying Velocity, Building COZY MKIV). Steve Wright (Flying "Stagger-EZE") will fly over from Smyrna, TN (KMQY) to visit with us.

After those visits, I'll continue on to Creve Coeur (1H0) to visit and overnight with Chrissi/Randi, who will be hosting a BBQ with Curt Smith (Flying COZY MKIV), Ted Barstow (prospective builder COZY MKIV) and other builders in the area as well (Dave Domeier? and others).

What Actually Happened:

Date: July 13th, 2004

Not a damn thing.  The weather sucked, so I spent the whole day watching weather reports and waiting to see what would happen.  The answer was, not much, and more of the same.

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