Cozy MKIV - Unofficial Documents to Share

(Remember to set "Load to Local Disc" or the equivalent on your browser - you don't want [unless you've got AMI PRO, MS Word Excel and/or 123 set up as viewers] to try to view these on-line).

Ed Richards created this Excel Spreadsheet with his entire wire list for his electrical system:

George Richards, a Falco builder/flyer in New Zealand, provided this Excel spreadsheet for calculating wire sizes given amperage and wire length.  He said it was from a Kitplanes article long ago.

Larry Jansch scanned in a COZY photo for use as "wallpaper" for your PC/Mac.   You can download these JPG images here and convert them to BMP format with an image editor.

Here's a paper from the Sensenich Corporation about wood propeller hub forces and bolt compression forces.

There are a set of wheelpants molds traveling the rounds - this is the instruction manual for the fabrication and installation of the same.

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