Post-Test Period Flight
and Modification/Upgrade Reports

So I've long since finished flying off the 40 hour restricted period, done all the necessary testing and have been using the plane for three and a half years now.  Here I present some of the more interesting flights and experiences - most of these have been posted to the COZY mailing list and I reprint them here.

Possibly Interesting Work / Flight Reports:



Report Date

Heater Fix/Test It's COLD - make the heating system work for the winter!!! 17-OCT-2002
Altimeter/Encoder Check Also known as: "How to kill ANOTHER starter". 22-OCT-2002
More Starter Stories So, can this fool ever get his airplane working for more than an hour or so?  Is he damned to a life of starter repair?  Tune in and find out! 23-OCT-2002 through
Miscellaneous Fixes/Work 50 hour Oil Change / Electrical checks and fixes 22-DEC--2003
Winter Starting and Visits - Short Trip Report How to get an engine started in 15 degree weather - go visit folks in Rhode Island 14-JAN-2003
Another Short Trip Report Fly over Manchester-By-The-Sea (yes, that's the freaking town's REAL name, if you can believe it - what a bunch of pompous wind-bags, eh?) to please a friends father-in-law (what's up with the hyphens?) 25-JAN-2003
New Jersey Day Trip Report Visit the parents in NJ for the day (don't want to do THAT in the car!) 9-MAR-2003
Minor Mods / Noodling Around Flight up to Winnepesaukee to have a look/see at Mt. Washington 16-MAR-2003
Sun and Fun Trip Report LONG flight down to S&F, via Suffolk, VA and back via my sister's place in Raleigh Durham, NC


John Ellor Visit Try to get to Suffolk for fly-in, but the weather says "NO". We stop in NJ to visit a builder and give a demo ride 17-MAY-2003
Utility of Aircraft Actually using the airplane instead of a car for a trip that we'd have to make anyway, and make it more fun and faster. 11-JUL-2003
Wheel Pants Tests Finally get the wheel pants finished and mount them (in primer).  One short flight and a couple longer ones. 12-JUL-2003
Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 1 Fly to Suffolk - prepare for race (oil change, minor squawks) 25-JUL-2003
 Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 2 9 plane formation flight to Manteo - very cool! 26-JUL-2003
Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 3 First race day to Dayton, Ohio 27-JUL-2003
Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 4 Hang around the hangar day in Dayton waiting for the weather to improve 28-JUL-2003
Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 5 Second race day to OSH- fix broken alternator wire lug - Get interviewed for Dayton TV station Channel 2 (2 MB WMV Movie or 2 MB AVI Movie) 29-JUL-2003
Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 6 Hang out at OSH - see loads of stuff and people 30-JUL-2003
Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 7 Challenging trip back from OSH to FIT 31-JUL-2003

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