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Nose Door and a Flight

Date: March 16, 2003

So, being the first "warm" day in about 90 (at least on a weekend), I headed out to the airport to do some minor modification and just look at stuff to try to remember what the heck everything is. I decided to replace the four screws that hold the main nose access door on with 1/4 turn fasteners. I drilled out the rivets holding on the nutplates, and then riveted 1/4 turn fastener receptacles in their place. After opening up the holes to accept the larger fasteners, everything went together easily, and the door now can come off and go back on in less than 15 seconds, rather than the previous couple of minutes even with an electric screwdriver. One task down, 15 to go (none safety related - just minor upgrades and tweaks).

After that momentous task, I decided to reward myself with a flight, so I headed up to Keene to get gas ($2.25 self serve). I then headed northeast, up toward Lake Winnepesaukee in NH, just to see if I could spot Mt. Washington. At 5500 ft., I could just see it poking up above the haze layer, 70 miles in the distance. The air was smooth, the cabin was warm in the sun, and although hazy, it was a beautiful flight. It's a lot quieter, too, since I put some foam strips around the rear of the canopy where it touches the turtledeck.

After I got back, I spent a bit of time adjusting the canopy latches (I think the center latch wasn't actually pulling down - I was able to tighten it up without having to adjust the front and rear) so that the canopy wouldn't leak air. It was too late to test it out by the time I finished. It'll have to wait until next week, when I modify the electrical system so that the green light that tells me when the AUX electric bus is active only comes on when the AUX switch is thrown, and NOT when the main bus powers the AUX bus. See Bob Nuckolls' Aeroelectric Connection book if you have no clue what I'm talking about.

I also hope to move the battery back to the main spar at that time, and replace it in the nose with 25 lb. of lead. This will give me more leeway with regard to front seat weight - there are a couple of 230 pounders that are looking for rides -).

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