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New Jersey Day Trip Report

Date: March 9, 2003

Last Saturday I took a short trim down to Norwood Airport (OWD, for those of you following along by checking out all these airports on Airnav) to show the plane to Ray Fallon, a prospective COZY builder. He seemed excited, and I got to fly after 5 weeks of cold, snow, and crappy weekends.

Yesterday, I flew down to Caldwell NJ (CDW) to visit my parents. From FIT to CDW is 171 statute miles, if I remember correctly. I finally had a clear day and cruised down at 6500 ft., full throttle, leaned out. The flight down took 57 minutes from start of takeoff roll to exit to taxiway. My TAS was 198 mph, with a groundspeed of 187 mph. On the way back, I had a tailwind at 7500 ft, and full throttle, leaned out produced 195 mph TAS with a 235 mph groundspeed and a 50 minute time of flight. The air was perfectly smooth both ways - like glass. Can't wait to get the wheelpants and spinner on and get another 10 - 15 mph.....

On the way back, I watched a C5A take off from Westover AFB coming straight at me and pass off to my left about 2 miles away while climbing. It's bigger in the air than on the ground -).

Anyway, got a lot of looks on the ground at CDW, and a fun flight. A lot more relaxing than driving both ways, although the total time door to door wasn't much different.

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