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Airventure Cup Race / Oshkosh Diary - Day 4

Date: July 28, 2003

We all woke up bright and early on Day 4 (Monday) to take the bus back to the airport, dragging all our stuff with us. The weather wasn't good, but it was forecast to clear in the early afternoon. We ate breakfast (donuts) and waited for both the briefing and the weather. There were about 150 people milling around in the Commander-Aero hanger (our hosts at MGY) looking at the planes, BS'ing, commenting on the odd takeoff and landing that occurred and staying out of the rain.

The plan was that if the weather cleared before 4 PM, we'd have time to launch and get the slow planes to OSH before sundown and the 8 PM closing time. The weather cleared, but too late. The race crew made the right decision to NOT launch - there were 85 tired pilots, with a low ceiling and a narrow race course. Waiting for Tuesday, even with all that entailed, was definitely the SAFE course of action. So, after waiting around all day in the hanger, checking the weather every twenty minutes (since the more often you check, the more likely it is that the weather will be flyable, right?) and exhausting our flying stories, we all headed back to a new hotel. THIS time, the bus was GREAT! - even though the trip was all of 10 minutes, we actually had luggage space down below, and comfy seats.This was NOT the best day ever, but it was still fun talking to everyone and speculating on what was going to happen. We also got to watch the continuing repairs on the two Speed Canards.

A bunch of canarders (Frank Pullano and Brad MacClemmy, Jay Blum, Tim and Wendy Freeze, Harry Manvel and Stephen Sorenson and Wayne and I) walked over to the Chi-Chi's near the hotel to get some dinner, since we were on our own that night. Apparently Dayton has not heard of "pedestrians", since none of the streets (busy ones, at that) had sidewalks on them, or even in close proximity. Very strange. The race crew was there at the restaurant as well, and we had a good time eating faux Mexican food. We walked back to the hotel and crashed.

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