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Oshkosh Trip
July, 2006

 Here's a map giving an overview of the whole trip.

I created this overview map using (need a membership, but it's free with EAA membership).  Aeroplanner is GREAT, if a little slow.

I created the individual maps on the linked pages using AOPA's "Real Time Flight Planner" (need a membership in AOPA to use).  This has the potential to be a nice tool, but it's pretty damn buggy.

Each Day
(Click on "Route" links for day maps and more detailed descriptions of each day's activities):




Saturday KTSP - KGXY Collect Kevin Bailey and Danny Norris - head off to Greeley for the night.  Give ride to Tate Wood/family in Greeley
Sunday KGXY - KOSH Head off to OSHKOSH

Monday KOSH Ride for Jason Heath. Wander around, etc.
Tuesday KOSH Rides for Don McClure and wife. Wander around, etc.
Wednesday KOSH Rides for Dale/Marie Ramey. Wander around, etc., lots of yakking; CSA weenie roast
Thursday KOSH - KUNU Local flight to Dodge County, WI for builder rides for John/Jack Millward and Ed Savage; COZY BBQ at Mark Beduhn's hangar.
Friday KOSH - KUNU COZY Checkout ride for Steve Campbell at Dodge County Airport; Give COZY Forum; COZY Dinner at Robbins Restaurant
Saturday KOSH - KBFF - KTSP Long day home - 10.2 hours in the air - 12 hours door to door

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