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2006 Oshkosh Trip - Day 6

Date: July 27, 2006


I woke up early
As usual, got breakfast
Then, got the weather

Departure briefing
Said change of runway today
Then I knew the score

The ridees showed up
Curt and I chose passengers
And then departed

With more folks aboard
I landed at Dodge County
So they could change seats

Level, turns and stalls
For everyone to attempt
Showed plane's qualities

Rich Hughes lands gear up
Dodge County airport runway
I stop to check plane

Rich and plane OK
Will need repairs at Oshkosh
Repair tent helps Rich.

After OSH landing
Went to Mark Beduhn's hangar
For the BBQ

Stayed all afternoon
Yakking with COZY people
Beduhns did great job


I went to the tent
To relax before dinner
And wait for people

Around dinnertime
Kevin, Ted, Dennis and I
Went to eat dinner

At a restaurant
With Charles F. and Jeff Owen
The food tasted good

Later, a shower
To wash off the goopiness
And ready for bed

Hmmmm. Fewer words, but more work......

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