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2006 Oshkosh Trip - Day 5

Date: July 26, 2006

Woke up, at breakfast, got briefing, yakked at plane waiting for weather, gave ride, flew loose formation with Curt, tested MATCO brakes on landing, skidded sideways a bit but stayed on taxiway, talked about the plane with builders, wandered around, ate lunch, got email, waited for torrential downpour to end, walked back to tent, went over to CSA Weenie Roast (alternate CSA web page), talked to Bill/Marilyn Seibold for a while about Bisbee, AZ, talked to bunch of other canard folks, walked back to tent, talked to Curt, Lee, Kevin, Danny, Ron, Dave, Ted and Dennis, took a shower, wrote this, went to bed.

Wow - that's a lot more succinct, and just as much info. Tomorrow, I'm gonna cram it all into seven words. Or maybe Haiku. Yeah, that's the ticket.

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