Post-Test Period Flight
and Modification/Upgrade Reports

So I've long since finished flying off the 40 hour restricted period, done all the necessary testing and have been using the plane for three and a half years now.  Here I present some of the more interesting flights and experiences - most of these have been posted to the COZY mailing list and I reprint them here.

Possibly Interesting Work / Flight Reports:



Report Date

Sun and Fun Trip Report Flight down to S&F with Jon Matcho - lots of visits and great folks 18-APR-2004
Rough River Trip Report - Day 1 Flight down to Rough River State Park, KY for canard flyin at 2I3 01-OCT-2004
Rough River Trip Report - Day 2 Hang out, give rides at Rough River 02-OCT-2004
Rough River Trip Report - Day 3 Checkout flight for Matt Bunch; Flight back from Rough River. 03-OCT-2004
More Utility of Aircraft Take Deanie to Las Vegas for flight back East 09-NOV-2005
Death Valley Day Trip Day Trip with Deanie to Death Valley 11-DEC-2005
Owens Valley Day Trip Day Trip with Deanie to Bishop 16-DEC-2005
Arizona Weekend Trip Weekend Trip to Arizona with Deanie and friends in 2nd aircraft 06-APR-2006
Columbia Fly-In - Day 1 Weekend Trip to Columbia, CA with Deanie for Canard Fly-In 05-MAY-2006
Columbia Fly-In - Day 2 Hang out - give rides 06-MAY-2006
Columbia Fly-In - Day 3 More rides - come home 07-MAY-2006
Bisbee Weekend Trip #1 Weekend Trip to Bisbee, Arizona with Deanie to visit Bill and Marilyn Seibold 11-AUG-2006
Bisbee Weekend Trip #2 Continue Weekend Trip to Bisbee and come home 13-AUG-2006
Sunshade and Lock Installation Installation of Koger Sunshade and new Canopy Lock 17-SEP-2006

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