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Rough River Fly-In Trip
September, 2007

 Here's a map giving an overview of the whole trip.

I created this overview map and the individual maps on the linked pages using AOPA's "Real Time Flight Planner" (need a membership in AOPA to use).  This has the potential to be a nice tool, but it's pretty damn buggy.

Each Day
(Click on "Route" links for day maps and more detailed descriptions of each day's activities):




Thursday KTSP - 2I3 Collect Dennis Passey - Head east - 10 hours in the air
Friday LCL Ride for prospective builder - Get ride from Steve Wright - examine aircraft
Saturday LCL Rides for builders, prospective builders, wives, friends
Sunday 2I3 - KTSP Head home - 11.1 hours in the air

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