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2007 Rough River Fly-In Trip - Day 2

Date: September 28, 2007

I awoke at the crack of 9 AM as the tent started to get hot from the sun beating down on it. As I was taking the earplugs out of my ears, I heard Dennis knocking on the door (figuratively) to see if I was up. I dressed and although Dennis had already eaten, we walked over to the lodge to get some food (for me), and ended up eating breakfast with Greg Norman and Mike Lafleur. We then headed back to the flightline to watch folks arrive, look at other aircraft, and yak with folks.  Steve Wright grabbed me and ordered me to take a flight with him in the Stagger-EZ - he was having a bit of stick vibration and wanted to see if I could help him diagnose it. Very nice aircraft, both inside and out (there's no wonder as to why it was a prize winner at OSH), and flies just about like a COZY.  The vibration was very minor, and we came up with a few things to check to try to eliminate it. After the flight and some more aircraft examination and yakking, it was time for lunch.

I felt adventurous, and ordered a "Kentucky Hot Brown" at the lodge, since I was extremely curious what it would be like to eat an adjective. Most of the things I eat are nouns - I could not imagine what a "Hot Brown" would be, even after reading the menu description of ham and turkey with some cheese sauce. Well, it was a lot closer to a bowl of melted american cheese with some ham and turkey hidden in it, and it gave me a clear appreciation for why Kentucky cuisine is not what's served in the four star restaurants of the world. Edible it was, though, after removing 60% of the cheese so that my arteries wouldn't clog up immediately. I wish that the warning that Chrissi gave me later that evening not to order the "Hot Brown" would have come in a more timely manner.

In the afternoon, I gave a ride to a prospective builder - he's got the plans, but had some lame excuse about having a new baby as a reason that he hadn't started building yet :-). We flew up to Addington (KEKX) to get gas, and I let him fly most of the flight. Demo'd stalls and steep turns, and then we headed back to RR.

The rest of the afternoon was spent looking at planes and talking to folks. I delivered the EGT/CHT gauge and sender that I had for sale to the buyer of that unit. I delivered the manifold pressure gauge to Doug Hurd's alter ego, MacGyver (a stuffed bear who fronts for Doug), who's holding the gauge for Glenn Rainey's next visit to the USA next summer. Doug (or maybe the bear - it's hard to tell whom) needs some serious psychoanalysis, which his wife is witholding since she apparently like them both the way they are :-).

Friday evening a bunch of us went over to the lodge for dinner. Even a surly waitress couldn't keep us from having a good time talking about airplanes, flying, immigration policy and guns. It was dark by the time we got back to the airport, but everyone was hanging out talking in groups and looking at planes in the dark.

I said goodnight and was off to bed around 11 PM.

To Be Continued...

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