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2005 Go West Trip - Day 8

Date: August 31, 2005

Deanie and I woke around 8 AM. I did some email and administrative stuff - phone calls, etc. Deanie went down to eat breakfast and do some painting with Dave and Barbara's kids. I came down and ate around 11 AM, then went out and read in the pool. It was cold - down to a water temperature of 89 degrees. I finished my Bill Bryson book "A Short History of Nearly Everything" (I highly recommend Bryson - he's informative and extremely funny, especially his travel books).

I did some flight planning for the last leg of the journey tomorrow, and found out that the packages that my friend sent from MA would arrive on September 6th, as would our Subaru, now somewhere on a truck in the middle of the country. I really didn't have all that much to do, and with the temperature at about 110 degrees outside, I didn't really want to do anything anyway. Lounging around seemed like a reasonable activity, so that's what I did - I read the latest issue of "Technology Review" (which, by the way, has turned back into a 1/2 decent magazine after being an industry mouthpiece for 4-5 years. It's not quite as good as it used to be in the 80's and 90's, but hey, what is?).

Since Deanie was complaining about not having any email or web pages, since our Comcast account was cancelled, and since we'd be moving from ISP to ISP over the next few months, I signed us up for a new domain, so that she could have permanent web pages and a permanent email address - $8.95/mo. Making phone calls to the east coast to get things done is different from out here - I have to do it in the morning, because if I wait, then everyone's gone... I'm not used to that :-).

Dum, de dum dum..... slow day.  That's OK. We ate dinner around 6 PM, since the kids had their swim lessons this evening, and then later on I took a ride up to the airport to get most of the plane packing done, and to get gas and the O2 cylinder filled.

Then a bit of TV/reading, and to sleep, for an early departure in the morning.

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