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2005 Go West Trip - Day 7

Date: August 30, 2005

We woke around 7-8 AM, and I updated my web pages and checked email. I also made some phone calls about the house and financial matters. Deanie had some breakfast. We read a bit and lounged around for a while, and I read some while sitting in the 91 degree water in the pool in the 112 degree sun. Actually, it's pretty nice, and still cool for a few minutes after you get out. Somehow, the whole morning and early afternoon disappeared.

An acquaintance in the Phoenix area offered to take us on a tour of their facility which builds helicopters. We drove over to the plant and were treated to an hour long tour of the assembly facility, which for me, was extremely interesting. I'm not sure that Deanie found it quite as interesting as I did, but she certainly put up with it gamely :-).

After that, we put some gas in Dave's car (which he had let us borrow for the day, since he had ridden his bicycle to work in the 112 degree heat) - $39.80 to fill the tank - I think that's the most I've spent to fill up a car's tank in my life :-). We then stopped off at a Radio Shack to buy an extension cord so that we could plug in the microwave oven in the guest suite - the cord on the oven is very short, and didn't reach the outlet behind the refrigerator - apparently it had been unplugged for 6 months, and no-one had mentioned it to Dave or Barbara. Being the pushy New York types that we are (well, that I am, anyway), we mentioned it and then fixed the problem :-).

I played with the computer for a while, and then we had dinner with Dave, Barbara, and their kids. We relaxed, read, and went to sleep.

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