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2005 Go West Trip - Day 5

Date: August 28, 2005

I woke up at 8 AM and checked email and web stuff, and made sure that the lawyers had deposited the money from the house closing into the right account.  They had.  I've never seen that much money in one place at a time..... I worked on these web pages for a bit, and then Lee made some omelets for breakfast for the four of us. Around 11:30 AM Lee packed up the car and we headed over to the airport to set up for the BBQ.

We started the grill, put out the food, and waited.

Folks started arriving, both by car and plane around 1 PM. Don, Lee and I brought our planes out, and by 2:30 PM, there were nine canards parked on the line:

  1. Lee Devlin - Long-EZ (based at GXY)
  2. Don Douglas - Long-EZ (based at GXY)
  3. Bob Wilson - Long-EZ (based 2V2)
  4. Curt Boyll/Gail King - Vari-Eze (based 2V2)
  5. Rob Martinson - Vari-Eze (based at BJC)
  6. Dan Hardesty - Vari-Eze (based at FNL)
  7. Evan Genaud - COZY MKIV (based at FTG)
  8. Me - COZY MKIV (homeless)
  9. Aaron Hollingsworth/Burrall Sanders - Nat Puffer's COZY MKIV (based at 00V)

There were about 20 folks there. Contrasting with last year, it was a beautiful 85-90 degree day, with fluffy clouds. It was hazy with poor visibility - only about 60 miles :-).  Not like the east coast, where lousy visibility mean 3-5 miles. We yakked about planes, looked at planes, and had a good time eating lots of burgers, salads, cheesecake, and drinks. Rick Maddy flew up in a Diamond DA40 with the Garmin G1000 flat screen panels, which everyone oohh'ed and aahh'ed about.

Lee took a bunch of pictures at the BBQ - he's annotated them as well.

Around 3:30, folks started to leave, trying to beat the T-storms back down south of Denver.  By 4:30 everyone was gone.  It was a very successful BBQ - Lee did a great job organizing and cooking.

Afterwards, I washed the plane down, getting the 6 months worth of bugs off the leading edges of the canard and wings, and getting the bugs off of the canopy so that I could see out.

Lee and I headed back to the house, and I updated these web pages and sat outside on the deck as Deanie showed photos to Lee and Terri.  Around 7:30 PM we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant in town. While we were out, we stopped at Woody's Newsstand for a historical picture.

What's historical about this place is that it's the genesis for my airplane and the COZY web pages and mailing list. I was on a business trip in Greeley back in the fall of 1994, and had gotten there a day early. I was wandering aimlessly around Greeley downtown on Sunday, waiting for the meetings to start on Monday, and went into Woody's. I saw a Kitplanes magazine with a Seawind on the cover, and was intrigued, so I started paging through it. When I got to the classified ads at the back, I came across Nat's standard, bland, small, COZY aircraft advertisement, and the light bulb went off over my head - I had to build one of THESE planes - nothing else would do. I came home, discussed it with my wife, and we agreed that after the "honey-dos", I could get started, probably around the beginning of the year.

Right around January or February of 1995, I did get started building, and a month or two later, started up the web pages and the mailing list. As it turns out, Lee was member number two (I was number one, obviously), and by a strange coincidence, lived in Greeley, where the I had seen the magazine in Woody's. It's a small world.

Anyway, then we went home to Lee and Terri's house and went to sleep.

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