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2005 Go West Trip - Day 4

Date: August 27, 2005

I woke up at the crack of 8 AM, and I checked my email and voicemail. Judy made a nice breakfast, and afterwards Curt took me out to the airport. I gassed up the plane and took off at around 10:10 AM, headed for Greeley, CO (KGXY). I stayed low under the clouds and St. Louis Class B airspace until I cleared the Mississippi river to the west, and then climbed up to 6500 ft., above the scattered cloud layer. About 1/2 way across MO I picked up Flight Following from KC Center, but it was pretty worthless, as the only traffic that was called out to me in 4.5 hours was one plane about 5 miles away at a different altitude. I think they called it out because it was a choice between that and taking a nap, which the managers in the ATC office probably frown on.

The flight was completely uneventful, other than having to step climb up to 8500 ft. and then to 10.5K ft. to clear some scattered cloud layers. It was interesting, actually - I was getting 155 Kt. GS at 6500 ft., 162 Kt. GS at 10.5K ft., but 176 Kt. GS at 8500 ft.  I stayed at 8500 ft. after coming down from 10.5K ft. About 5 minutes after crossing the CO border, it got bumpy - maybe light to medium chop - just a little annoying. I landed at Greeley, CO (KGXY), and Lee Devlin waved me in. I taxied over to his hangar, and we pulled my plane in behind his Long-EZ, squeezing them both into the one hangar with room to spare. I took Deanie's paints and easel out of the plane so the paint wouldn't melt, and Lee and I headed over to his house.

I said hello to Terri, Lee's wife, whom I hadn't seen in 9 years, since we had taken a trip out west with our son Zachary back in 1996. We sat around and talked for a while, and then Terri went out to pick up her cat Bailey, who has skin cancer and had gone to the vet for a treatment. Lee and I went out to the Texas Roadhouse for ribs, and then Terri picked Lee up at the restaurant while I took Lee's car down to Denver International Airport (KDEN) to pick up Deanie, who was flying in on Frontier Airlines flight 511 from New York's LaGuardia airport (KLGA). It's about an hour drive. I parked in short term parking, got Deanie and the luggage, and drove back up to Greeley and Lee's house. We talked again for a while, and then hit then sack around 11 PM.

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