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Oil Cooler Forced Air Scoop Installation

Date: July, 2007

Here's the oil cooler air intake/exhaust system that I built to attempt to lower the oil temps.  Previously, the oil cooler was fed by pressurized air inside the cowl, and exhausted out the bottom of the right cowl.

With the new system, air enters in the scoop under the cowl and exhausts through the top, into (supposedly) a low pressure area.

Three fabricated parts for oil cooler scoop

Intake scoop mounted on lower cowl, feeding oil cooler directly

Exit ducting on top of oil cooler in right lower cowl. This seals against the top cowl.

Exit eductor reverse scoop on top of right cowl

This system seemed to lower temps in climb by about 20F, and in cruise by about 10F.  Better than nothing, and puts in in the high but acceptable range, especially in the hot southwest summer.


Eventually, I removed this system and installed a 17 row cooler, instead of the 9 row cooler that was there.  This pretty much solved the oil temp issue, although it may take until next summer and a flight to Palm Springs at 115F to test it fully.

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