Post-Test Period Flight
and Modification/Upgrade Reports

So I've long since finished flying off the 40 hour restricted period, done all the necessary testing and have been using the plane for three and a half years now.  Here I present some of the more interesting flights and experiences - most of these have been posted to the COZY mailing list and I reprint them here.

Possibly Interesting Work / Flight Reports:



Report Date

Oil Scoop Installation Installation of Oil Cooler Scoop and Exhaust (and subsequent removal) 15-JUL-2007
Air Box Diverter Test Installation of Airbox Diverter (and subsequent removal) 11-OCT-2007
New Canopy Seal System Modify Canopy Rim/Seal system to keep out air/water 16-NOV-2007
Miscellaneous Mods Modify Canard Incidence; New Canard Cover; Top Cowl Air Exhaust Scoops; Hidden Rudder Belhorn; More... 31-DEC-2007
Columbia Fly-In - Day 1 Weekend Trip to Columbia, CA with Nathan and Janice Miller for Canard Fly-In 02-MAY-2008
Columbia Fly-In - Day 2 Hang out - listen to presentations - Dinner 03-MAY-2008
Columbia Fly-In - Day 3 More presentations - come home 04-MAY-2008
2009 - 2010 Refurbishment Pics and description of year-long refurbishment 13-JUN-2010
Arlington Fly-In Pics and description of flight up to Arlington for the Fly-In 09-JUL-2010
Oceanside Day Trip Day trip to Oceanside, CA 03-SEP-2010
Kanab Fly-In Weekend at Kanab, UT Fly-In 04-SEP-2010

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