6.2) Assembling the Fuselage - Hot Air Duct, Keel, SeatBack Bulkhead Brace

First, I cut out the foam, plywood, and sheet/tube aluminum for this section. Then I glassed the first side of the foam. After cure, I floxed the hot air duct together and floxed the plywood Fuel Valve mounts to the SeatBack Bulkhead Braces. Next, I shaped the duct as required and floxed and glassed the map spacers to the Braces. I also floxed the seatbelt attach tube to the duct. Here's what it looks like at this point:

center console pieces
Next, I floxed the braces together, glassed the outside, glassed the outside of the duct, and floxed and glassed the brace assembly to the top of the duct. After trimming and sanding, here's what that looks like:

center console assy.
After trimming the fuel selector valve hole in the SeatBack Bulkhead (and fitting the duct/brace in place), I floxed and glassed the duct/brace assembly into the SeatBack Bulkhead and the Instrument Panel. You can see that here:

center console - installed


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