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2005 Go West Trip - Day 1

Date: August 24, 2005

What did I say? Something about frantic? We woke up at 7 AM (or at least I did - Deanie got up about 15 minutes later). The water guy came about 1/2 hour late to do the last read of the water meter, at about 7:50 AM. Right after he left, we took the Mazda MX-3 over to the Avis Rental down in Maynard to pick up a Ford Taurus for Deanie and Zach to drive to Syracuse. We arrived back home by 8:30 AM, since the tow truck to pick up the Mazda had planned to arrive between 9 AM and 9:30 AM, and we didn't know exactly when the movers would come with the truck to start loading.

As it turns out, everything moves in it's own sweet time, no matter what they tell you over the phone. The movers came around 9 AM, but without a truck, so they began moving stuff outside in anticipation. The tow truck guy came around 10:30 AM and whisked my Mazda MX-3 into oblivion - I donated it to the American Cancer Society. Zachary and his two friends got back from Boston right about that time, where they had stayed overnight in a hotel for Zach's birthday (8/23). The two friends soon left to drive down to NY - they had come up just for the previous night.

By 11:00 AM, the moving truck had arrived, and they had sent a 26 ft. truck, rather than a 54 footer. Just as well - the 54 footer would have been impossible to get into the driveway, so the movers had a much easier time loading with the smaller truck. Around 11:15 AM I went over to our insurance agent to turn in the Mazda plates and cancel the car insurance, as well as cancel the house insurance as of September 1st (to have coverage during the move for the stuff the movers didn't take [but we did]).

When I got back from the insurance agent, I got a phone call from my lawyer telling me that the bank's lawyers had ignored everything we had told them over the past two months and thought that we were going to attend the closing to sign stuff, which we had explicitly told them we would not. I told her that under no circumstances would we attend on the 25th, and that if they needed signatures from both of us, they had until 12 noon to get their shit together and have the papers ready, or else do it as we had planned all along - remotely. Luckily, the bank's lawyer's have their office only a mile from our house. After waiting 6 weeks to figure things out, they managed to get their shit together and have the paperwork ready to sign at 12:15 PM, so Deanie and I headed over there and got done with the paperwork by 12:30 PM.

Deanie finished collecting her stuff for the car ride to Syracuse, woke Zach up (I'm sure he got a LOT of sleep at the hotel the night before), and they headed off to the west around 1 PM. When leaving the house, Deanie exhibited far less emotion than I had anticipated.

At that point, I ate a bit of a bagel and continued cleaning up a bit, while taking all the computer equipment apart, just to the bare bones to continue to access the net while waiting for the movers to finish up. I mistakenly thought that I was responsible for cleaning the house (actually, our real estate agent hired cleaners to come tomorrow at 8 AM), so I vacuumed the 2nd floor and swept the basement before my real estate agent called and reminded me about the cleaners.

Anyway, the truck loading took FAR longer than anticipated - at 4:15 PM, the movers were barely 1/2 done - I expect they won't finish until well into the evening.

I called Claude (my friend) and asked him to arrive around 5 PM - I hoped to get off the ground at Fitchburg (KFIT) around 6 PM. He arrived with my other friend Joe, and we packed all my stuff into Claude's car for the ride to the airport. I talked to the movers about closing up the house when they were done, asked them to lock all the doors, and then the three of us left. Goodbye, house.

Although I had done a test pack of the airplane on Monday, I had somewhat more stuff - it didn't really all fit.  Claude volunteered to ship some stuff to me, so we took some out of the plane and put it back in the car.  By this time, it was just after 6 PM.  A thunderstorm was sitting just to the west of the airport, and although the weather cleared to the west, I felt too exhausted to deal with winding my way around T-storms just before sunset (or even just after sunset), and since Claude had offered to put me up for the night and drive me back to the airport in the morning, I decided to take him up on his offer.

We closed up the plane and drove back to Acton, where the three of us went out for Mexican food. We then drove back to my house, let Joe pick up his car, and then Claude and I headed over to Claude's house for the evening.  We packed up some of the stuff to ship, I gave him the shipping address, and then we went to sleep.

It was a LONG day.

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