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2005 Go West Trip - Day 0

Prolog - Plan:

Date: August 23, 2005

Due to a new job that I will start on September 6th, 2005, with Scaled Composites, my wife Deanie and I will move from Acton, MA to Lancaster, CA. We will begin this move tomorrow, on August 24th, 2005, with some frantic activity, since we will finish packing all of our crap, move out of our house, drive our son Zachary to Syracuse, NY to start college at Syracuse University, fly the COZY airplane from Fitchburg, MA to Syracuse, NY, and fall into a deep, restful sleep in a Red Roof Inn, all on the same day.

On the 25th, we'll move Zachary into his dorm room, get him set up, and then we will drop off the rental car at the Syracuse airport (KSYR) and I will fly Deanie to Northampton, MA to visit her friend, Marilyn. After dropping her off there, I'll fly to Caldwell, NJ (KCDW) to park the plane for the night while visiting my parents and sister in Englewood, NJ.

On the 26th, I'll begin my flight westward, heading to St. Louis, MO (KALN) to stay for the night with Curt Smith. While I do that, Deanie will hang out with Marilyn and then Marilyn will take Deanie to the Port Jefferson Ferry, where she'll head over to Long Island, NY to visit her mother and other relatives.

On the 27th, I'll continue my flight out of St. Louis to Greeley, CO (KGXY), to visit with Lee and Terri Devlin (Lee's a COZY builder and Long-EZ flyer). Deanie will hang out with her relatives for most of the day, and then take a commercial flight from La Guardia airport in NY to Denver. I'll borrow one of Lee's vehicles and drive down to pick her up in the evening.

On the 28th we will hang out with Lee and Terri, and have a BBQ at the Greeley airport with local Colorado canard builders/flyers.

On the 29th, we'll take off early out of Greeley, CO and head south to Taos, NM, flying past Pike's Peak, Royal Gorge Bridge, and Sand Dunes National Monument to visit Joe Patterson, a prospective COZY builder who runs the Taos airport. We will only stay an hour or two, and then head over to the Phoenix, AZ area, via some sightseeing over Shiprock and Meteor Crater. We will fly into Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ (KFFZ) and stay with David Greenwood. David planned a BBQ with the local Phoenix canard folks for the evening of the 29th.

On the 30th, we'll just hang out in Phoenix, either with or without David. An acquaintance in the Phoenix area has offered to give us a tour of his workplace, where they builds helicopters. I look forward to that tour!

We may just hang out again on the 31st, or we may decide to fly to Lancaster, CA if the weather looks crappy for September 1st. Otherwise, we'll fly there on the 1st and land at Fox Field (KWJF), rent a car, and drive over to our new digs - a furnished 2 bedroom apartment in Lancaster.

This represents, of course, only a plan - we'll see just how close we can come to fulfilling it over the next week.

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