Glenn Saunders' Accident Reports

These four documents were provided to me by Tanya Saunders - Glenn Saunders' widow.  These are the official reports of the Canadian Transportation Safety Board.  All are in PDF format.

To summarize, two issues present themselves.

First, while contributing nothing to the cause of the accident, Glenn did not have his major change - an engine swap - inspected by the FAA or a DAR as required by his operating limitations. Possibly having another set of eyes inspect the engine installation could have assisted in finding issues.

Secondly, and more directly, it seems as though a plastic fuel flow transducer may have broken in flight, allowing high pressure fuel to pump into the engine compartment, aiding or leading to the in-flight fire.  Glenn didn't follow normal procedures in the case of an in-flight fire, and did not shut off his fuel nor his electrical system.

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