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2005 Oshkosh Trip - Day 3/4

Date: July 26/27, 2005

Well, Curt managed to get in touch with Mark Beduhn and we arranged to bring Curt's plane over to Mark's hangar after the airshow at about 7 PM.  Mark went home and collected all of his epoxy stuff, and Curt and I bought some things at ACS (and borrowed some gloves, etc.) from the composite workshop building.  We taxied over to Mark's hangar, ground down the damaged area on the winglet, and then laid up 8 ply UNI over the crack on the L.E. of the winglet.  We peel plyed it, left a lamp pointing at it to keep it warm overnight, and closed up the hangar.  Less than 2 hours work, total.

Last night was nice and cool - no wind, no rain, and Curt was gracious enough to let me stay inn his tent even after I broke his plane with my tent :-).

This morning we went over to Mark's hangar, pulled off the peel ply, sanded everything smooth, and then had a nightmare of a taxi trying to get back to Homebuilt camping - don't EVER try to taxi against the traffic at KOSH :-).  I prepped MY plane for a ride that was planned for this morning, and ended up giving a ride to Fernando Miranda from Brazil and Ned Nikic and his wife, from FL.  After departing the KOSH area, Ned flew us  down to Dodge County airport.  We did some turns and stalls along the way, and then we landed and I let Ned and Fernando change seats for the ride back.  We took off and headed north, and I let Fernando fly us up to Ripon, doing some turns and stalls along the way.

The approach back into KOSH was exciting - we got in line at Ripon just after they released a stack of planes from a hold over Rush Lake, so there were planes everywhere.  I should have taken the high approach, but I was low, in with all the traffic.  Actually, I should have told them I was a demo flight, and avoided the whole thing.  Live and learn.  After having a slow biplane cut me off on short final, we switched over from 36L to 36R and landed uneventfully.

Now, off the send this email, get some lunch, and pick up my Emag.

Tonight, the CSA weenie roast, and tomorrow, more rides!

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