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Accelerated Instrument Training - April, 2005

 I did an accelerated instrument training course with Bill Zaleski of Schenectady, NY in early April.  This is my log of that experience.

Plans For Each Day:

(Click on "Route" links for day maps and more detailed descriptions of each day's activities):



Proposed Activity

0 FIT - SCH Leave Fitchburg, MA for Schenectady, NY

1 SCH - DDH - GFL - SCH Lots of ground time talking, some simulator time, a few hours in the airplane
2 None All ground and Simulator time - weather sucked.
3 SCH - UCA - SCH - DDH - GFL - SCH Round trip to Utica - Holds/Approaches at Bennington/Glens Falls - all in clouds
4 SCH - BVT - MSS - MAL - SCH Approach at Burlington, VT - Holds/Approaches at Messina, NY - VFR to Malone, NY; IFR back to Schenectady
5 SCH - EEN - FIT - EEN - SCH - GFL - SCH Holds/Approaches at Keene, lunch at FIT with Deanie, back to Schenectady; To Glens Falls for holds/approaches and back
6 SCH - MSS - MAL - MSS - SCH - FIT Holds/Approaches at Messina, NY - to Malone to pick up examiner - Rating practical test - return Bill to Schenectady - fly home with rating

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