COZY NEWSLETTER Subscription Information

Nat says:

Subscribing to the Cozy Newsletter is a requirement for all builders. Cozy 3-place builders will need newsletters #4 to present plus a current subscription. First Edition Mark IV builders will need newsletters from #34 on. Second Edition builders will need newsletters from #52 on. We will be giving each of our Mark IV builders a complimentary 1 year subscription, to start them off on the right foot. The newsletter is the principle means by which we communicate with builders and support their projects. The newsletter contains plans corrections and changes, builder hints, information and updates about our suppliers, shopping info, first flight reports, and other news of interest to builders. We answer telephone calls whenever we are home and personal letters as well, but please enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you expect a reply. We encourage newsletter input from builders (letters and pictures) which would be of interest to other builders.
"Cozy" and "Cozy Mark IV" are trade names of Co-Z Development and are the names given to airplanes built according to the plans and instructions of Co-Z Development. Just because you buy a set of Cozy or Cozy Mark IV plans, does not mean you have to build your airplane exactly according to plans. It is an experimental airplane and you can, in fact, make whatever changes you desire. But then, if the changes are significant, you have a new, untested design, and shouldn't register or insure your airplane as a Cozy or a Cozy Mark IV.

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Last updated: March 22, 2010