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Updates below include missed items from ALL plans sets and newsletters -Thanks to Joe Polenek for compiling this list.

Table Of Contents


  • Page 2: Rivets and Page 3: Chapter 16 - Change quantity of MS20470AD4-10 from 40 to 36. Add: “(8) CCP-42” per Canard Pusher #49 and #50

CHAPTER 2: Bill Of Materials

  • Page 2-2: Nuts - Change MS20364-820 to AN364-820C
  • Page 2-3: Chapter 9 Hardware - Change MS20364-820 to AN364-820

CHAPTER 14: Center Section Spar

  • Page 14-4: Step 10 - After: "When everything is perfect, lay up a 5 ply BID tape spar to LWY, inside and out, both sides, as shown on M-8, and a 5 ply BID tape spar to longeron, inside and out, both sides as shown on M-7."
    Add: “All other mating joints get 2-ply BID tape at 45 degrees.”

CHAPTER 16: Control System

    For CS-181 Disconnect Insert, change number required from 4 to 2
    Add: CS-181 STL4130 2 Disconnect Insert - This was a mandatory change in Canard Pusher #49 and #50
  • Page 16-3: Quick Disconnect Drawing - Dimensional error corrected. Rivets changed from AN470AD4-10 to CCP-42 per Canard Pusher #49 and #50. In Section II Preface Page 2 'Rivets' and Page3 Chapter 16: Control System, Hardware', See revised sketch:

    QD Revision

  • Page 16-7: Figures 4, 6 and 9 - change “18-1-C” to “28-1-C” new.gif (1041 bytes)
  • Page 16-7: Figure 9 - Change 1/16" 7x7 cable to 1/16" 7x7 SS Cablenew.gif (1041 bytes)

CHAPTER 19: Wings And Ailerons

  • Page 19-6: Fig.30 Plans show bottom of left wing, but should show right. See Revised Sketch:

    Wing Bottom Revision

  • Page 19-8: Fig.46 Aileron Cut Layout - See revised sketch:

    Aileron Cut Revision

  • Page 19-8: Fig.48 Wing Trailing Edge Spar Layup #9 - See revised sketch:

    Layup 9 Revision

  • Page 19-8: Step 10 - Change “Slice 3/8 in. foam from the L.E. of the aileron” to “Slice 7/16 in. foam from the L.E. of the aileron”. This is required to accommodate the increase in rod diameter
  • Page 19-15: View O-O - Delete: “SEE DETAIL A CHAPTER 16 pg 3. THREE PLACES (ROD ENDS and PUSHROD INSERTS).”
    Insert: “SEE VIEW G-G CHAPTER 16 pg 4 (ROD ENDS) and CS1A/CS50 CHAPTER 16 pg 3 (PUSHROD INSERTS)”
  • Page 19-15: View O-O, CS128 Full Size Pattern - Adjacent to “.75 D”, add note: “Hole size may vary. Check the outer ring outside diameter of the specific BC4W10 bearing to be used in the bellcrank assembly.”

CHAPTER 20: Winglets new.gif (1041 bytes)

  • Page 20-5: Paragraph 4 -
    Delete: “The edge at A can be trimmed to allow the rudder to move farther inboard, or it can be shimmed to hold it farther outboard.”

    Add: “The edge at A can be shimmed to allow the rudder to move farther outboard. Do not trim it to move the rudder farther inboard as this could induce flutter.”

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Last Updated Online: February 13th, 2021 - Added Chapter 20, items in Chapter 16