Another Cosy Classic - built in Italy


Some info

Building this Cosy Classic (almost an MK3 but different) in Italy was a real challenge!
Me and my father were quite unable to find specialized shops for tools, instruments, and any kind of hardware. Had to get everything from the US.

Moreover I had the crazy idea to put in the instrument panel my own application for flight (as a backup). This is almost an EFIS / PFD, connected to an iLevil box which provides real time data (Static / Dinamic, AHRS, GPS, ...). I'm sure most of the people will not agree on my choice for safety reasons. But this would be compared to any tablet you bring on board for flying, store logbook, tracks..

The aircraft was completed more than one year ago but due to italian burocracy I was able to start flight tests only in June, 2017.
I pushed the envelope up to 200 kts with no apparent issues.

Like _most_ of the other I had some small issues with high cyl and oil temps. Almost solved by closing as much as I could the engine cowlings and baffling, improved also the armpit openings flow toward the most warm cylinders. For the oil cooler I had to put a Reverse Scoop as advised in the newsletters to get some more pressure differential.

You can see above some pictures of my Cosy Classic. Below some more infos:

- 3 places
- IO-360-B 200HP
- 3 blades CATTO Prop
- Wider front seats (45")
- Split canopy: front hinged canopy, side opening for the rear passenger
- Large instrument panel with custom instrument running Android
- Long nose (7")
- Electric EZ Nose gear
- Electric Speed Brake (with feedback on the instrumentation).
  If operated more than xx sec in overspeed, is automatically retracted.

I'm aware it's not one of the best building ever, but I like the way is flying! And I am glad to improve!

Mail me: Andrea D'Alessandro