Jerry Garrett's

Steve Wright provided these images of Jerry Garrett's Turbine powered COZY MKIV, in which he was killed in a crash in early May, 2008.

Steve also provided the text from one of Jerry's early flight tests.

03/03/2008 Flight of N14GG COZY MK-IV

Today @10:15 AM  took off form SSI  R4 winds 05-09K climbed out  following
Cardinal to 2K for pictures from Brady Turner C Cardinal , followed beach to
Saplow Is.@ 110Kts.

I then turned S and added power[40% Tork, 80% Turbine RPM, showing 14 GPH
fuel flow started clime at 120 IAS ROC @1200 FPM to 10K put on oxygen ,level
flight with 30% tork ,75% Turbine RPM showing 12GPH, 152IAS  , 212K GS.

Continued climb to 15K @ 1200FPM , 30% tork,75% turbine RPM, FF10GPM.climed

To 17K ,750ROC leveled- 30% tork ,75% TRPM , FF 9GPH, could adjust from
12GPH to 6GPH with grovner control , IAS 160 , GP 232K.

 I did not increase power over 50% tork or 80% Turbine power, because
aircraft becomes very sentive to control inputs @ higher airspeeds . I then
reduced power to 10% tork, 65% TRPM [which is flight idle] IAS 140 , FF
6GPH. Then started densent [same power]

160IAS,ROdesent 600FPM [could increase this by reducing prop angle] to 2000

 Back over airport, slowed to 120 @ 2K, turned downwind slowed to100 IAS,
dropped gear [have to use prop control to slow below 140 IAS ] turned final
lowered belly board

Slowed to 90 IAS. Landed a little long , but reverse prop slowed to stop 800

Shut down 11:37.

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