Here's a  picture of Dave's COZY MKIV. Dave provided this image:

 domeier_cozy.jpg (16283 bytes) Attached with this message is an image of N10CZ for your web site. First flight was June 18, 1998. As of January 22, 2001, the aircraft has 252 hours of flight. Engine is a Lycoming 0360-A4M with a Performance 3-blade prop. I also have a Felix 2-blade bicamber prop which performs almost as well as the 3-blade, but not quite as smooth. Living in Missouri, the temperature range can be quite extreme. I've flown at 14F and at 102F. The aircraft gets off quite nicely no matter what the OAT as the prop cut to provide 2420 - 2450 for take off. It provides good take off and climb performance but at full throttle at 8500' the rpm will go to 2800, slightly over the 2700 limit. The aircraft provides good cross county performance yielding 160 knots on 8 gph at 10,500.

David Domeier
Chesterfield, Missouri

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