Here are some  pictures of Jean Jacques Claus' modified COSY.  Jean Jacques provided these images in 2005:

  Here some pictures of my project in its most advanced phase.
It remains me to finish the engine cowlings, to sand and primer the 2 wings and to paint outside.
Some words for hundred hours of hard work...
I should be able to bring it to the airport at the end of the summer 2005.
Beginning of construction:  June 1996
Numbers working hour:  unknown
Cost:  known
I do not spend a day without thinking of it a little or much.
It is the greatest adventure of my life.
White EAGLE is single.
No plan will be available.
Compared to the MKIII and the MKIV:
Like the MKIII
3 places
Same wings and canard span
Like the MKIV
180 HP
Same heavy nose gear
Same 3 blades CATTO Propeller
White Eagle Plus than the MKIV
Front places wider ( 45")
Very large one piece plexiglass canopy ( thick 1/4" )
Very large instrument panel
Longer Nose (7")
Retractable step
Very great autonomy (8 hours at 150 kts calculated from the Don Bate's program )

Jean Jacques Claus
Orange, France


In April, 2007, Jean Jacques provided the following:

After eleven years of very hard work, three jobs, two removal and a divorce… I would have had thousand other good reasons to give up, but passion was strongest… I accomplished the first flight of the “white eagle” on April 6, 2007. I had arrived on the airport six months earlier. Today (on April 28, 2007) I add up 9 hours of flight. Some minor modifications and adjustments were carried out. I could explore the envelope until the speed of 160 Kts IAS. ...

During the fourth flight, the canopy opened at 140 kts IAS. A chance is that of the white eagle's canopy is a front hinge type. So under the effect of the lift pressure and relative wind, it remained in balance at two inches upwards. It was very impressive and very noisy. I quickly understood that it would be impossible to close it in flight. So i concentrated on piloting and asked for an emergency landing. On the ground I modified the system of locking by adding an axis passing through the backseat and the transverse canopy framework. Since, I do not have any more a problem.

White eagle is based at LFMV ( Avignon-Caumont FRANCE )

Enjoy and keep building...

Jean-Jacques CLAUS
Cosy "White Eagle" F-PJJC


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