Desert Center Emergency Landing

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The following links are to the text (with additional links) of the email messages posted to the COZYBUILDERS and CANARD-AVIATORS mailing lists on 12/16/2006 regarding our emergency landing at Desert Center (L64)

These are the pictures I took at Desert Center after our emergency landing after our propeller loss, along with some maps of the general area.

Just after landing - no prop

What's left of the prop

Deanie with the Winglet

Wing Trailing Edge Damage

Wing/Winglet Junction Damage

Damage with Intact Rudder

Outside of Winglet

Prop Tip Embedded in Winglet

Winglet with Prop Tip

Closeup of Prop Extension Bushing

Tiedown Area at Desert Center

Tied Down and ready to Leave

Desert Center Sunset

Southern California Area - Joshua Tree National Park

Propeller Location - Path to Desert Center

Google Earth View of prop location and path to Desert Center as seen from 9500 ft (approximately)


The following link is to the followup post to the mailing lists on 12/18/2006, regarding the retrieval of the aircraft with the help of Mike Melvill.

These are the pictures I took of the temporary repairs and return flight.

This is what a wing with no trailing edge looks like, when you repair it with Duct Tape and Aluminum Tape

Same repair, from the bottom

This is the Hertzler propeller, borrowed from Tom Kennedy

Mike Melvill and Larry Godsey (he built the V.E. that Klaus Savier now flies)

Mike in the Dutchess, about 30 ft. off to the right, watching me eat grapes


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